Relief from the Monsoons

Since our last project update the monsoons have significantly lowered temperatures in Varanasi – what a relief for humans and non-human animals alike!

First Aid:  Lots of animals were treated this month, and included: a whelping mother with a deep wound caused by a tumour on her right flank; a cow with a deep cut on her right hind leg that caused severe bleeding; and a road accident with a female dog who suffered a minor fracture in the femur.  These and many other animals were treated and have local caregivers keeping an eye on them.  In keeping with our strategy to achieve long term care for animals in Varanasi, all the treatments were done with participation of the locals.


Building Capacity:  The mobile app WhatsApp has been used by our volunteers to easily communicate with each other about first aid needs for street dogs and other animals.  The group has been very active and we’ve witnessed a lot of mutual assistance and coordination amongst group members.  In addition to this practical aspect, regular communication and encouragement within the group will continue to help local activists to feel empowered and inspired in a society that often criticizes those who care for street dogs.

Our volunteers continue to develop their leadership and first aid skills, with Vishal Singh, Parvathy and Pushparag taking ownership of first aid treatments in their own neighbourhoods.


Advocacy:  One of our volunteers, Vishal Singh, met with Dr. Ansari, the Chief Veterinary Officer regarding the rising cases of illegal and inhumane catching and displacement of dogs.  Displacing dogs to placate public sentiment is an illegal, yet prevalent practice in many cities in the country and Varanasi too appears to have taken the same recourse.  It is only through alert and empowered local activists that this problem has been solved elsewhere.  We are therefore ensuring that the animal activist community of Varanasi too is able to combat such illegal actions until a more sustainable spay/neuter program is put in place.

Building Momentum:  For International Justice Day on July 17th, a photograph campaign was launched across India by animal activist leaders in their respective areas, including Varanasi.  Here are some photos of people who want justice for animals!


Help us help the animals!

  • For individuals in Varanasi who want to help street dogs, please contact our Helpline at 9919783355.
  • For individuals who can contribute financially to the project costs, please click here to make a donation – every little bit helps! We thank everyone in advance for their support!

Thank you to our partners, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, Animal Aid Unlimited and Mayhew International.