Locals are the key to building a movement of compassion

First Aid and Outreach:  Last month saw an increase in the number of pups found on the road.  A considerable amount of first aid treatments were performed by our team in Varanasi this month, including some very intensive cases.  As always, locals helped a lot during these treatments and we’re hopeful that some of them will become more involved with our first aid work.


One of the cases included a pup who was crushed by a bike and was suffering from gastroenteritis. A local called our team in Varanasi and they provided treatment to the pup.  The team then presented what our organisation does to the locals who took interest in taking care of animals on street.


This cute pup was stuck behind a locked grill gate, which was reported by Shubhankar and Vitthal. We were able to reach the spot and rescue the pup by scaling the gate.


Building Capacity:  A first aid workshop was conducted on October 15 at one of the hostels of Banaras Hindu University. The students were very appreciative of the work, particularly as a result of the treatment of a bull that we were doing in front of the hostel. Gradually, some of them got quite friendly with us and helped in organizing volunteers and materials for the treatment. The hostel canteen staff also went out of their way to help with the treatment. They all wanted to learn more about first aid and so we followed up with a first aid workshop for them.  This was very well received and two first aid kits were placed with the students to take care of the stray animals they come across at the University.


Help us help the animals!

  • For individuals in Varanasi who want to help street dogs, please contact our Helpline at 9919783355.
  • For individuals who can contribute financially to the project costs, please click here to make a donation – every little bit helps! We thank everyone in advance for their support!

Thank you to our partners, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, Animal Aid Unlimited and Mayhew International.