Summer update!

We apologize in advance…it’s been awhile since we posted our project updates as we’ve been so busy with organizing fundraising events in Toronto.  Read more about the events we’ve recently done on our events page HERE!  They’ve been really fun, and we’re so grateful for the supporters (both individuals and businesses) who support our cause.  All the funds raised at these events go towards running our project in India, including first aid kits, medication, vet costs, outreach materials, and salary for our staff members who do the hands-on education, outreach and first-aid work in Varanasi.

I promise that we’ll start resuming our project update posts soon, because so many great achievements have been accomplished in Varanasi!  In the meantime, here’s an graphic we created to summarize our project goals for this second year of our project.  Enjoy!

DOGS infographic