A summer of compassion in Varanasi!

We are so proud of what the local animal lovers in Varanasi have been able to achieve this summer.  This is exactly what we envisioned when we started our project – locals building a grassroots movement of compassion for animals.

First Aid

From May to September, 457 animals were provided first aid treatments by staff and volunteers in Varanasi.  The most common issues faced included skin problems, infections, weakness, neck wounds, and fractures.

Through the recruitment of new volunteers, the team is now able to provide first aid coverage in 6 new neighbourhoods in Varanasi.

Also, they have identified other locals who keep an eye on the dogs and other animals, and have distributed community caretaker cards to them so that they feel a sense of commitment, legitimacy and camaraderie.


Stories of First Aid

A calf named Nandi was hit by a car in the Pahadia area and his rib bone was damaged.  Staff member Swati and an amazing volunteer named Chandan provided treatment to Nandi and performed regular follow ups. Thanks to their efforts, Nandi is now able to stand on his feet and walk.

In another case, Lucky, a dog near Banares Hindu University, was hit by a car and had severe injuries in his back leg.  Vivek, a student from BHU sought help from staff member Anoop, who went immediately to treat the dog. Anoop continued his treatment for 3 days and after that Vivek took care of the dog and fed him. Lucky is seen happily moving around BHU now, thanks to Vivek and Anoop who took intensive care of our hero Lucky.

A 6-month-old puppy was bitten on his neck at Khojwa area and had severe wounds. Anoop and volunteer Megha treated the dog with 7 days of proper follow up. The puppy has made a full recovery and the local caretakers have been seen feeding him.

When a beautiful dog named Bhura was hit by a car near Kacheri area, Swati immediately arrived to provide first aid treatment and involved the locals in the area. She performed follow-up care for 5 days until Bhura recovered completely. Bhura is full of life now and the locals are taking good care of him.


Caring for Animals

In early summer, water bowls were installed by the Municipal Corporation with the help of our team.

Throughout the summer, vaccination drives were completed in numerous neighbourhoods.  To prepare, volunteers completed a survey of dogs in their neighbourhood and reported the info to our team who then performed the vaccinations with the help of the volunteers.

Also, a team of 10 volunteers was formed to make presentations in local schools for the purpose of spreading the message of compassion and teaching children what to do when they see an animal that needs help.

In September, the state government ordered the Municipal Corporation to pick up large animals from the streets and put them in Kanji House, a place for abandoned cattle that is already at capacity.  The team launched a campaign to stop this relocation and to encourage the MC to provide land for the large animals to roam.  As a result of this teamwork, an 8-acre piece of land near Ganga Ghat has been secured and is being prepared for abandoned cattle.


Building Capacity 

To continue building a movement of animal compassion in Varanasi, 5 new leadership volunteers were recruited and trained this summer.

A volunteer recognition event was held, attended by the Municipal Corporation, Chief Medical Officer and media.  Certificates of Excellence were given out and everyone celebrated the volunteers’ dedication and compassion to the animals of Varanasi.

Last but not least, staff members Swati and Anoop met individually with volunteers to see how they’re doing, see what additional support they need, followed them in first aid rounds to assess their first aid skills, and trained them in additional animal care skills.

Help us help the animals!

  • For individuals in Varanasi who want to help street dogs, please contact our Helpline at 9452781980.
  • For individuals who can contribute financially to the project costs, please click here to make a donation – every little bit helps! We thank everyone in advance for their support!

Thank you to our partner, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations! 

(This photo always makes us giggle. It was taken by a compassionate local volunteer, and is of the street dogs and cow he feeds and cares for – what cuties!)