Thanks in advance for supporting our project helping street dogs in India!  All proceeds (other than the cost we pay for shipping the cards) will go directly to our project costs in Varanasi, India.  These costs include first aid supplies, outreach material, and salaries for local staff in Varanasi who are treating the animals and training locals to care for the animals there.  To see our project in action, please visit our blog!

DETAILS:  This holiday season, support street dogs in India by shopping for a cause and sharing your love of animals with your family and friends!  Choose from a selection of handcrafted animal-themed greeting cards, some made by Dogs of the Ganges volunteers in Toronto and some generously donated by Allison & Cam.  The inside of each card is blank and each card includes an envelope.

Select which card designs you’d like and we’ll put them in the mail within 3 days of receiving your online payment.  Shipping times from Toronto will vary based on where you live.

  • For Canadian addresses, a 5-pack of cards costs $20 CAD including shipping.
  • For US addresses, a 5-pack of cards costs $17 USD including shipping.

DESIGN SELECTION:  Please see the photos below – each design has its own design name and there are limited quantities of each.  As the cards are handmade, your cards may vary slightly with the ones in the photos.  Design selection is made through the order form, which will also indicate which designs are sold out.  Please also select a backup in case there’s a delay in updating the site.


TO ORDER:  Ordering is done in two simple steps.  Complete the online order form and then submit your payment.  Once we receive your order and payment we email you to confirm your order.  If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours of your order, please email us at

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